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From Grandmas' Garden

Elevating Tradition with Elegance: Redesigning the Packaging and Logo for 'From Grandma's Gardens'

Imagine a brand that transports you to the sun-drenched fields of Uganda, where every bite is a taste of paradise and each purchase supports a brighter future. 'From Grandmas' Garden' offers delicious and healthy snacks while embodying a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. It highlights the strong, independent women who cultivate its produce, showcasing authentic, high-quality craftsmanship and eco-consciousness. To position this brand as a premium choice in the market, I embarked on a mission to redesign its packaging and logo, creating a visual identity that reflects its commitment to quality and tradition.

A Journey to Crafting a Premium Identity

My approach began with a deep understanding of the brand’s heritage, a competitor analysis, and its target audience’s expectations. I aimed to merge the nostalgic charm of Grandma’s gardens with a modern, upscale aesthetic. This fusion was essential to communicate the brand’s promise of high-quality, lovingly cultivated products.

Redefining Tradition with a New Tagline

The message "Grown with Love, Shared with Joy" encapsulates the brands' dedication to crafting wholesome products that bring happiness to families. It resonates with their brand values and aspirations, reinforcing the emotional connection with their audience.


The Design Strategy

The Logo

The logo features a sophisticated typeface, embellished with delicate leaves positioned gracefully above the letter 'o', symbolising growth and freshness. Following the brief to incorporate green into the design, I seamlessly integrated this color into the logo for its brand significance. The resulting concept guarantees consistent brand recognition and provides flexibility with color variations for potential product color schemes. To ensure legibility across various touchpoints, the logo has been developed in two formats. Given the length of the brand name, it was crucial to enclose it within a shape to enhance visibility and distinguish it from other text. This approach also aids brand recognition. Overall, the simplicity of the logo contributes to achieving a premium feel.


Colour Palette

While maintaining the existing green as per the brief, I added other colors to enhance the brand story. The vibrant hues of sunshine yellow, earthy green, and cream radiate joy and warmth.



The serif font in the logo exudes a feminine feel to promote the empowerment and strength of women taken from the brand story. I paired it with a sans serif font to aid legibility and use cases where smaller text is required.



Hand-drawn style illustrations were created using AI to reflect the product being handmade and give the brand an authentic feel.

Innovative Packaging Design Concept:

The innovative packaging design concept sets itself apart from competitors. It features a unique and distinctive visual style, with an independently positioned logo that enhances brand recognition. The vibrant color choice conveys authenticity and joy, and the design achieves a premium feel without overcrowding. An innovative window concept offers a sneak peek into the product, while a clear display of allergens prioritises transparency and consumer safety.

Designing with Foresight

Designing with foresight for future business opportunities involves not just meeting current needs but also anticipating and accommodating potential growth and expansion. By incorporating scalability and flexibility into the design process, the brand can seamlessly integrate additional products or services as they evolve.


The Path Forward

My work on 'From Grandma's Gardens' is more than just a redesign; it's a strategic initiative to reposition the brand in the premium market segment. With this new identity, I am confident that 'From Grandma's Gardens' will stand out as a symbol of exceptional quality and timeless tradition.

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