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JLL (Jones Laing LaSalle)

Crafting JLL's Distinctive Brand Identity: A Journey of Innovation and Impact

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Elevating Real Estate Beyond Boundaries

JLL, a global leader in property consultancy and investment management, embarked on a transformative journey to unify its brand presence across regions, connect with target audiences, and drive business growth. As the business expanded rapidly to meet evolving client needs, a new brand strategy was essential to foster cohesion and resonance.

Crafting a Cohesive Brand Experience

My role was to lead the brand refresh and develop guidelines to ensure global consistency. To better understand the challenges, I conducted a comprehensive audit of JLL's existing brand identity. Using data and insights from an internal survey, I planned the strategic and creative execution to elevate the brand's presence. Through meticulous collaboration and attention to detail, I crafted a cohesive visual language that aligned with the core brand idea: "SEE A BRIGHTER WAY."

Structuring Creative Expression

The development of our compelling brand idea was aimed at inspiring reappraisal, uniting the organisation, and driving global business growth. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, I ensured alignment with organisational objectives and guided the development of a new messaging hierarchy, creative framework, and visual identity. To drive consistency and impact across touchpoints, I partnered with various teams to develop comprehensive brand guidelines, including the Brand Playbook, Visual Brand Guidelines, Tone of Voice, Copy Style Guide, and Strategic Naming Guide for products, services, and programs whilst embedding the brand idea.


A Global Launch with Local Sensitivity

The culmination of our efforts was the global launch of the brand campaign, highlighted by a standout moment in Times Square, New York. This milestone event garnered significant attention, amplifying JLL's brand recognition on a global scale. By prioritising brand recognition, consistency, and messaging alignment, we successfully navigated key challenges and achieved substantial improvements in brand perception, positioning JLL for sustained success in the dynamic marketplace.

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