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Gini Bhogal

Brand Identity

Gini Bhogal is a renowned international make-up artist who required a luxury brand identity and stylish interior scheme for her new beauty salon. 

The objective of the project was to elevate the personal brand of Gini Bhogal, to effectively showcase her expertise and drive engagement with her target audience. Through a comprehensive brand refresh, including a redesigned website, marketing materials, and interior design for the salon, we aimed to create a compelling brand story that communicated Gini's passion and reputation she had built in the market. I delivered a visually captivating and cohesive brand identity that captured Gini's unique style to resonate with her audience. The creative design and output effectively conveyed Gini's value proposition, resulting in increased visibility, enhanced credibility, and stronger connections with clients and prospects.

Gini Bhogal: Projects
Gini Bhogal: Work

The Result

Since opening, the salon has become a hot spot for local celebrities. The interior has caught the eye of reality tv producers where filming takes place regularly and broadcast on ITV.

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